Working so that energy may cross the world

Valter Alberici and Marc Herzstein

Working so that energy may cross the world.
Working with the passion and skills of our people.
In this way even our own energy becomes strength,
safety and productivity that reaches everyone.
In this way even pipes and fittings can unite the world
and improve quality of life.

Valter Alberici and Marc Herzstein
Presidents of Allied International Group

Allied Group is a worldwide leading group in the production and distribution of fittings, flanges, pipes and related products. It comprises Allied Fitting L.P., based in the US and mainly focused on the American market, and Allied International Group, based in Italy and aimed at developing the business in Europe and other markets in the rest of the world.


Allied Group in the Americas is recognized as the industry leader for distribution of critical application PVF products throughout the Western Hemisphere.

With support from the manufacturing divisions Tectubi Raccordi, TriLad and Warren Valve, Allied is recognized as the most well respected source for quality PVF products worldwide.

In addition to the headquarters in Houston, Texas, Allied Group North America has eleven facilities strategically located throughout the USA and Canada. Its unsurpassed inventory of carbon and stainless PVF products enables Allied to service a wide range of industry demands.

The fundamental belief of the Group is that consistent investments in infrastructure, inventory and R&D are essential to the Allied Group North America staying on the cutting edge of technical, operational and quality control excellence.


Allied International Group is a reference point for excellence in the manufacture and distribution of fittings, piping, bends, clad products and specialties for the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of oil & gas, thermal and nuclear power generation.

The Group was founded in 2000 by two well-known business managers in the buttwelding fittings sector, Valter Alberici and Marc Herzstein, with the aim of becoming a one-stop solution partner for their clients.

Its headquarters are in Nibbiano, Piacenza, Italy, from where the Group operates with the most accredited EPC companies, along the lines of the internationalization principle while still maintaining unity through its shared cultural roots.

The Group’s business model is characterized by complete control of the supply chain, with integrated production, stock and distribution operations. A strong market image reinforced by genuine trust has enabled very rapid growth in all areas of the world.

Allied International Group, with its head office in Nibbiano, Piacenza, Italy, comprises the following 6 main companies:

Company Activity Location and facilities Products

Distribution & Stock

- head offices in Nibbiano
- new warehouse in Castel San Giovanni
- warehouse in Nibbiano
- total area 113,000 sqm (covered 28,000 sqm, open 85,000 sqm)
Elbows ½" ÷ 120"
Tees ½" ÷ 120"
Pipes ½" ÷ 120"
Caps/red. ½" ÷ 120"
Special fittings up to 120"
Special supplies


- head offices and factory in Podenzano
- existing and new factories in Castel San Giovanni
- factory in Calendasco
- total area 355,800 sqm (covered 61,800 sqm, open 294,000 sqm)
Elbows up to 120"
Tees up to 120"
Reducers up to 120"
Special fittings up to 120"
Manufacturing Facility:
- factory in Nibbiano
- total area 41,000 sqm (covered 13,000 sqm, open 28,000 sqm)
Elbows ½" ÷ 16"
Tees ½" ÷ 24"
Reducers ½" ÷ 36"
Caps/red. ½" ÷ 36"
Special fittings up to 36"


- head office and factory in Carbonara
- total area 50,000 sqm (covered 27,500 sqm, open 22,500 sqm)
Cold bending elbows 2"÷ 60"
Induction bending elbows 6"÷ 60"


- head office and factory in Schio
- total area 30,000 sqm (covered 21,000 sqm, open 9,000 sqm)
Welded pipes in 4 production lines: thin wall, heavy wall, large diameters (over 28"), clad/lined


- head office and factory in Tianjin (DEDA, China)
- commercial office in Beijing
- total area 68,000 sqm (covered 35,000 sqm, open 33,000 sqm)

Chinese market (nuclear, power gen, oil&gas)

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Allied International S.R.L. – Sede legale / Registered office: Località Vascellino, 29010 Nibbiano Val Tidone (Piacenza), Italy
Capitale sociale / Paid capital € 650.000,00 i.v. – REA PC 150342 – Reg. Imp./Cod. Fisc./P.Iva 01294450331 – VAT No. IT 01294450331
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